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Root Stimulator

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Root Stimulator Genehtik Nutrients

The root stimulator achieves greater activity in the root system and as a result a higher yield in the crop.


100% organic is a product that contains natural seaweed and plant extracts.

This product makes the root development faster, increased root mass, and improves absorption of nutrients making more efficient use of these.

Strengthens the defenses of the plant making it more resistant to various stresses, such as disease, pests, etc.

Improves the absorption of oxygen by activating the cell and root hairs development also increases the synthesis of chlorophyll and speeds up the absorption of nutrients.

Formulated to be applied from the onset of the first roots both seedlings and cuttings seed.

The root stimulator is not a fertilizer, which must be combined with any fertilizer for proper nutrition during the growth phase and the beginning of flowering.

125 ml container.
500 ml container.
1000 ml container.

Composition: Seaweed extract, Amino Acids, Natural Auxin, oligosaccharides and plant organic matter.

Dosage: 0.2 ml per 1 liter of water from the appearance of the first roots to the fourth week of flowering.

Apply in all irrigations.


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1000 ml, 125 ml, 500 ml


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