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Land Stimulator


Land Stimulator Genehtik Nutrients

This product stimulates the regeneration of organic matter in the soil maintaining soil richer in nutrients more benign bacterial life, facilitating the absorption of nutrients.


100% organic, humic and fulvic acids are selected from plant extracts. Fulvic acids act primarily on the roots and stems of the plant, while humic acids have more influence on the leaves and flowers.

It stimulates growth and flowering, promotes the development of roots, increases the absorption of nutrients and accelerates the biochemical processes of the plant, significantly increasing the quantity and quality of crops.

It promotes and enhances the growth of soil organisms besides increasing plant capacity of phosphate absorption.

Formulated to be applied from the growth to nearly the final weeks of flowering. We also recommend its use to recover and improve poor substrates, land reused or worn outdoor flooring.

The stimulator of land is not a fertilizer, which must be combined with any fertilizer for proper nutrition during the phases of growth and flowering.

125 ml container.
500 ml container.
1000 ml container.

Composition: humic and fulvic acids.

Dosage: 0.2 ml per 1 liter of water during the period of growth and flowering up to two weeks before harvest.

Apply in all irrigations.


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1000 ml, 125 ml, 500 ml


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