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Possession of hemp seeds in Spain is not a criminal offense (Vienna Convention 1961). The cultivation of cannabis may be subject to administrative and criminal sanctions (Art. 25.1 of the Organic Law of Protection of Public Safety and Art. 368 of the Penal Code).

The import, possession and sale or distribution of cannabis seeds are not regulated by law in accordance with the treaty agreed in drug unilateral Vienna in 1961.

In some countries like Spain the cultivation of cannabis seed companies, associations or individuals without proper authorization can be a criminal offense, so the sale or distribution of seeds in these countries is exclusively for industrial applications, collecting, or preservation genetics.

Distributors and customers specified Genehtik accept the restriction that the seeds are not used by others for illicit purposes.

Also not intended to encourage or induce anyone to act against the law and that everyone should be accountable. Our customers must accept the above mentioned export of cannabis seeds to countries like USA, Germany, France or any other which is unlawful.

Genehtik assumes no responsibility for the use or use outside of the law to be given to these seed collecting.

In Spain and many other European cities is legal to sell hemp seed. But in his country could be banned, our advice is to first report on its legality, otherwise it shall take full responsibility for their actions. Genehtik not be responsible for the various regulations pertaining to each country.

USA, Australia, Germany and Asian countries or any other country where possession of cannabis seeds is illegal: the purchase of these products from countries where marijuana seeds are prohibited by law, for example, is prohibited. However, if a purchaser in a country not mentioned above of buying one of these products irresponsibly without first having informed about local laws in this respect, the company declines all responsibility for possible legal problems caused and will not reimburse for materials paralyzed or rejected by customs in the line of duty.

The description of these and other products for sale on this web page are extracted from companies and books written in countries where laws do not prohibit the consumption of certain psychoactive substances (as Holland), it means that some descriptions make allusions to its effects after consumption IN NO EVENT means you can consume, it is merely information since these products are sold only for medical and therapeutic uses, botany students, naturalists, collectors, souvenirs from Holland, etc.

If they are used for human consumption it will always be under the sole responsibility of the buyer and on this fact, the company declines any possible responsibility.

We need your commitment and responsibility.