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Preventive Foliar Spray


Preventive Foliar Spray Genehtik Nutrients

This foliar spray stimulates the vital processes of the plant, strengthens their immune system and acts as a preventative against diseases, fungi and pests.


It is a 100% organic compound seaweed extract, which due to its content and auxin supply naturally occurring vitamins, cytokinins, microelements and other substances, promotes the development and growth of the whole plant.

This product is easily assimilated by plants through leaves.

The foliar spray improves and increases chlorophyll production and accelerates the development of new shoots, so it is ideal for growing plants, cuttings and mother plants.

Formulated to be applied from the beginning of growth until the appearance of the first flowers.

125 ml container.
500 ml container.
1000 ml container.

Composition: Seaweed extract.

Dosage: Growth and mother plant, spray 2 ml per 1l of water once a week.

In cuttings and seedlings spray 1.5ml per 1l of water once a week from the onset of the first roots.

Mainly sprayed on the underside of leaves, where are most of the stomata.


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1000 ml, 125 ml, 500 ml


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