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Bloom Estimulator

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Bloom Stimulator Genehtik Nutrients

This Bloom stimulator promotes the development of flowering and fattening of flowers, increasing production and crop quality.


It is a 100% organic product containing humic substances that increase the content and distribution of sugars in the plant and also contains large amounts of vegetable amino acids obtained by enzymatic fermentation. The supply of free amino acids facilitates the plant to save energy in synthesizing, while facilitating the production of proteins, enzymes, hormones, etc. essential to all life processes of the plant.

Our biostimulator increase the water retention in the soil, provides minerals to the soil and increase their absorption with the basic nutrients, also stimulate the production of chlorophyll and the formation of carbohydrates, thereby increasing the production and the quality of the harvest.

Formulate to be applied to the end of growth until the final week of flowering.

The Bloom stimulator is not a fertilizer, which must be combined with any fertilizer for proper nutrition during the phases of growth and flowering.

125 ml container.
500 ml container.
1000 ml container.

Composition: 0.2 ml for 1l of water since from the end of growth until the final week of pre-harvest flowering.

Dosage: 0.2ml per 1l of water from the end of the growth until the last week of flowering before harvest.

Apply in all irrigations.


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1000 ml, 125 ml, 500 ml


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