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Zuri Widow


Zuri Widow is a feminized cannabis seed that gives rise to an extremely resinous plant.

It has a penetrating oaky and floral aroma and earthy taste with a slightly sweet touch.

It is a powerful indica strain.


Type: Indica (indica / sativa)

Indoor Production: 450-550 gr/m2

Outdoor Production: 1450-1950 gr/plant

Indoor Flowering: 58-70 days

Outdoor Harvest: September / October (Northern Hemisphere) – March / April (Southern Hemisphere)

In the late 90s, when grow shops first started in the country, Bilbao already knew of a very special WHITE WIDOW, which had been selected years ago by several well known growers, pioneers of indoor growing and cannabis activism in the Basque region.

This one is a winner of multiple awards.

Zuri Widow is admired for its white appareance and its abundant resin as well as its deeply penetrating oaky and floral aroma. Its dry and earthy taste reminds us of a moss taste with a slightly sweet touch.

Zuri Widow it’s a very potent INDICA effect will leave more than one completely blank, however its slight touch os SATIVA will ensure you are not completely switched off. It is a small plant, which is well suited for hydroponic cultivation. It has dark green wide leaves.

A medium production plant, but once its hard and compact white buds are dry, its shredding will provide more than any other variety. When its outdoors; it resembles a wide shrub mith medium height, many branches and compact and resinous buds.

Analysis of THC y CBD Zuri Widow cannabis seed

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