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Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds Genehtik

Feminized cannabis seeds always offer plants exclusively with female chromosomes (XX) or, in other words, female plants. In this way we avoid leaving male plants in the crop, always ensuring the cultivation of female plants and obtaining the precious resinous buds with different flavors and effects sought by cannabis growers.

The selection of feminized cannabis seeds ensures that only female plants grow, without male chromosomes, and avoids the cumbersome work at the beginning of flowering to eliminate male plants from the crop to avoid pollination of females and low production of trichomes. In other words the feminized cannabis seeds facilitate the cultivation, we reduce the space and the time of cultivation because we do not have to remove the male plants that occupy space and can spoil our culture.

To obtain femenized cannabis seeds, sex is converted to a female plant to produce pollen with which we will pollinate another female plant, and the result will be the production of seeds that lack male chromosomes. This is possible thanks to the ability of cannabis to produce reproductive organs of the opposite sex, is a mechanism of survival and a factor to adapt to any type of climate in the world still having unfavorable conditions.

The quality of Genehtik femenized cannabis seeds

In our cannabis seedbank, Genehtik, we always guarantee the maximum genetic quality of all our feminized cannabis seeds, maintaining the characteristics of the parents and preserving the aromas, flavors and effects thus ensuring stability and vigor both in development and in the structure of the plant. Guaranteeing that practically 100% of our cannabis seeds will offer feminine flowers and resinous buds.

In this category you will find our catalog of feminized cannabis seeds with a wide range of genetics selected by our bank to choose from, with different flavors, effects, aromas, flowering times, production, … and many videos where each variety is explained specifically so that you can have all the information necessary to help you in your choice.