It’s discovered how to make water soluble cannabinoids

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Cannabinoides solubles en agua

It’s discovered how to make water soluble cannabinoids

Cannabinoids are liposoluble and dissolve in fats. But a Colorado company has developed a water soluble THC and CBD product.

In this way it is possible to develop healthier products, which do not imply smoke or fat intake.

So far the alternative to consume smoked cannabis was through pastry or bakery. With which the cannabinoids were dissolved in butter or oil.

We will agree that consumed water-soluble is less harmful and healthier than eating pastry or confectionery with fats.

The investigation started with a diabetic grandmother. The grandson of this, Justin Singer and his two partners thought about developing a versatile product to treat the chronic pains of the grandmother.

But whether vaped, smoked or through pastry or bakery it’s  difficult to control the dose. Also if you are diabetic, as in the case of the grandmother, it is not healthy to eat bakery due to sugar.

The alternative – water soluble cannabinoids

The partners began to think about how to make them soluble in water. Breaking the limitation of the fat solubility of cannabinoids would allow to create all kinds of healthy foodstuffs, and even medicines.

For this reason and thanks to the collaboration of Keith Woelfel, food scientist, they created a product called Ripple. This is a water-soluble tablet or powder with different contents of THC and CBD, in controlled doses. In this way it allows to know the exact dose that is consumed and to be able to calculate the tolerance, producing a more healthy and responsible consumption.

ripple-cannabinoides solubles en agua

The process goes through a complex phase of emulsification with the use of food grade surfactants and emulsifiers and then a dehydration process in a vacuum oven.

We can find the product with THC:CBD ratios of 1:0, 1:1 and 2:1.

In this way they have achieved a very versatile product and can add it to a tea, a sauce, lemonade, … It also contains no calories and is odorless, tasteless and colorless.

Thanks to being water soluble, the effects occur earlier, with more intensity and for a longer time. This is because the absorption of produces simultaneously in the mouth, intestines and liver.


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