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Genehtik / Ese T. Bilbo Auto

Ese T. Bilbo Auto


Autoflowering feminized cannabis seed Ese T. Bilbo



Type: Sweet Tooth Autoflowering Hybrid

Indoor Production: 400-450 gr/m2

Outdoor Production: 100-150 gr/plant

Indoor Flowering: 65-75 days

Outdoor Harvest: 8 weeks

This is a second-generation autoflowering strain which has been obtained by crosses of the well know Canadian Sweet Tooth with an autoflowering variety.

The ESE T. BILBO conserves genetic characteristics of the Canadian plant in so far as the aroma and flavour, which are both sweet and rough with earthy touches. Thanks to its autoflowering relative, we have managed to get a quick flowering, which occurs only 2 weeks after growth and ends with 8 weeks of flowering.

As an autoflowering strain, this plant can achieve a height of 70cm, with well branched and resinous buds.

Its effect is soft and narcotic, and is easy to go along with. Medium powered.

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