Tutorial for good cannabis drying

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Tutorial for good cannabis drying

The drying process of cannabis is also closely linked to the curing process, and both are essential to obtain a high quality product.

By correctly carrying out these two processes you can increase the smell, taste and potency of your cannabis buds; on the contrary, If you do not do both processes correctly, you can lose the smell, flavor and potency and become a low quality product.

Cannabis drying

You have to be patient because it’s a slow process, but it’s worth it for the reward in the quality of the product.

Until marijuana is dry, cannabinoids do not become psychoactive, these cannabinoids become psychoactive when they undergo a chemical transformation produced when plants lose the water they contain.

During drying, marijuana loses approximately 75% of its weight and this process usually lasts between 2 and 3 weeks.

In fact, the slower the drying process, the better result will be obtained in flavors and aromas of marijuana.

Conditions for a good drying

  • Placement: You can hang the branches of the plant on a rope or clothesline or place the buds in hanging driers. If you hang the branches, avoid touching each other to avoid mold and mildew, but in case you use hanging dryers and buds you should move the buds for even drying.
  • Humidity: Keep it around 50% -60%, a too high humidity would cause the appearance of fungus or mold and too low cause a drying too fast.
  • Temperature: It should be between 15º and at most 20º. Higher temperatures cause the evaporation of terpenes quickly.
  • Ventilation: The drying place must have a minimum air renewal and ensure a good air circulation. You can help yourself from an oscillating fan but never approach it directly on the buds.
  • Light: Keep the space in the dark and avoid the light on the cannabis buds because it causes the degradation of THC.

secado de marihuana en una malla

How to know when cannabis is dry enough

Try to break a branch or stem and it should crack. If when you try to break it bends or does not crack it is because it still lacks a little more drying process.

You can also squish a marijuana bud and it should be dry on the outside but a bit damp internally, that is, the whole bud should not be crumbled.

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