How to germinate cannabis seeds – Tutorial

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How to germinate cannabis seeds – Tutorial

The germination is the first step to obtain a good cannabis plant.

For germinate seeds one of the most important things to take in account is to always maintain a good cleaning, in other words before germinating the seeds we must wash our hands properly and have all the utensils very clean so that we don’t get any type of germs which may contaminate the place where we are going to germinate the seeds.

There are several ways of germinating seeds and every teacher has its own guide, but we are going to explain which we think is the most correct way.

For the germination of the seeds we need:

  • Two plates or a Tupperware
  • Kitchen roll or paper napkins
  • Water sprayer
  • A flowerpot


First we must put the cannabis seed in a glass of water (preferably distilled water) for a time frame of within 12 and 24 hours. This step takes place because the seed that we are germinating must be appropriately hydrated.

However, this step is not essential but it is always recommendable for the seed’s better hydration.


We must put two wet kitchen papers on a plate (without excess of water), for which we can use the water sprayer.

One way to check if the kitchen papers are wet enough and don’t have excess of water, is by slightly turning the plate and seeing that the kitchen papers aren’t falling off neither dripping water.

Then we place the seed on the plate and if we have more than one we place them separately.

Next we have to repeat this again by putting two more kitchen papers on the other plate and wetting them following the previous steps.

After this we must place one plate on top of the other and ensure that the plates are in a dark room with a temperature of between 20ºC and 23ªC.

There is also the possibility to follow this same procedure but with a Tupperware, which is placing the seeds in between the wet kitchen papers (without the excess of water), closing the Tupperware and maintaining it in the correct temperature

Germinar una semilla de marihuana


The seeds usually germinate within 48 and 72 hours, although at times they might take longer to do so.

We must make sure that during this time frame the papers remain humid and after this we should be able to see that the seeds have opened and the roots are poking.


We must fill a small flowerpot (8 x 8 x 12 cm, approximately the size of a yogurt) with unfertilized soil because the fertilizer may damage the germinated seed.

It is very important to water the flowerpot before putting in the seed. Then we must irrigate the soil with plenty of water and check that it has a good drainage.

We shall then make a hole (of approximately 5 mm) and introduce the seed in it ensuring that it is covered with the soil. Following this we will keep the flowerpot in a warm sunny place avoiding the hottest hours of the sun. In about 2-3 days the seedling will be sticking out from the soil and in this period of time (if necessary) we should add some water.

Germinar una semilla de marihuana - Tutorial

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