Cannabis curing process and its conservation – Tutorial

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Curado de la marihuana

Cannabis curing process and its conservation – Tutorial

When we have finished the drying process correctly and verified that the buds are sufficiently dry we will go through the process of cannabis curing.

As we have read in the process of cannabis drying, curing is very linked to drying to obtain the maximum quality of the cannabis buds in terms of smell, flavor and potency.

It is a similar process to wine aging.

After cannabis drying, the buds still contain chlorophyll. With the curing process we will try to eliminate that “green” flavor (chlorophyll) and its duration will be between 4 and 8 weeks. The maturation reactions of cannabinoids and terpenes also take place. THC stops being in its acidic state (THC-A) to become pscioactive (THC). It will increase the psychoactive power of the buds.

There are users who extend the curing process up to a year, but this causes a degradation of THC and a lower psychoactive effect. On the other hand, part of the THC will become CBN and you will get a more narcotic or sedative effect. But it depends on each person and the uses you want to give to cannabis.

We can use several procedures for cannabis curing:

Hermetic glass recipients.

Cedar wood boxes (the best known are the boxes 00Box).

Cardboard boxes.

The simple, effective and cheap method is with hermetic glass recipients. The recipients should have an opening large enough so that you can easily introduce the buds.

Tutorial para un correcto curado de la marihuana

Curing conditions

We will introduce the buds in the glass recipients and place it in a cool, dark place.

The temperature must be below 26ºC with an environmental humidity of 55-65%. In this way the process will be done slowly and in good condition.

We should not squeeze the buds, we should let the air pass between them.

You have to open the glass rewcipients and leave it open for about an hour and then close it again. If we perform the process in a wooden box or carton we will also turn the buds.

The recipient opening frequency is as follows:

First week: Once a day.
Second week: 1 time every 3 days.
Next weeks: 1 time a week.

At the beginning you will notice that when you open the glass recipient the buds will be a little wet or sweat, it is normal. In this way the excess water will be eliminated.

After the time, when you open the glass recipient you will see that the buds are already crisp again.

Cannabis conservation after curing

For conservation we will need an airtight and opaque recipient. They can be glass recipients or vacuum storage bags. We will not use wooden boxes because they are not watertight enough.

The best option are vacuum packaging bags. We must prevent air from entering, to prevent the resin glands from oxidizing.

We can preserve the harvest for a year without losing only psychoactivity. Also, we can even store them in the fridge and keep them for 2 or 3 years.

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