Cannabis curing process and its conservation – Tutorial

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Curado de la marihuana

Cannabis curing process and its conservation – Tutorial

Once we have correctly completed the drying process and making sure that the buds are dried enough, we will start with the curing process of the cannabis.

As we have read in the cannabis drying process, the curing process is very linked to the drying process, obtaining high qualities in fragrances, tastes and power of cannabis buds.

This process is very similar to wine aging.

After the drying process the buds still contain chlorophyll and with the curing process we will try to eliminate this “green taste”; that will take between 4-8 weeks. During this process the cannabinoids and the terpenes also go through a maturing transformation; The THC-A (acid form) changes into THC which increases the psychoactive power of buds.

Some people prolong the curing process up until a year. However, the longer the curing process the more the THC degrades (a part of which turns into CBD) obtaining a lesser psychoactive effect and more narcotic and sedative effect. But it depends on each person and its purposes.

We can use various containers for the curing of cannabis:

Airtight crystal jars.

Boxes of cedar wood (the best known are the boxes 00Box).

Carton boxes.

The most simplest and effective method is with the airtight crystal jars. These must be wide enough so that you can easily put in the buds.

Tutorial para un correcto curado de la marihuana

Curing conditions

We will introduce the buds into crystal jars and place them in a dark cool room.

The temperature must be less than 26ºC with a humidity of 55-65%, like this the process will be slow and in good conditions.

We mustn’t squeeze the buds, allowing air to flow between them.

We must leave the jars opened for approximately one hour on a regular basis:

1st week: Once a day.
2nd week: Once every three days.
Following weeks: Once a week.

However if you use a carton box or a cedar wood box, you will also have to turn the buds around.

At the beginning you will notice that when you open the glass recipient the buds will be a little wet or sweat, it is normal. In this way the excess water will be eliminated.

When you open the glass recipient you will see that the buds are already crisp again.

Cannabis conservation after curing

For the preserving we will need an airtight and opaque container. We can use crystal jars or vacuum preserved bags, but we shouldn’t use wooden boxes because they are not tight enough.

We must avoid air going through so that the resin glands don’t oxidise.

Can preserve the harvest for one year barely losing its psycho-activity. And we can even keep it in the refrigerator and preserve it for 2-3 years.

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